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Partner with WePlann

Do you operate guided tours, live events, shows, attractions, outdoor activities or any specialty offerings of interest to leisure travelers provided in one of the current or future WePlann cities?

Offer your activities on WePlann!


Why WePlann?

WePlann is an e-commerce company offering unique, quality travel experiences: tickets to shows, cabarets and attractions, as well as helicopter tours, small-group guided tours, and transfers for individuals (FITs) traveling to top global destinations.

On smart travellers can discover and book incredible travel experiences. Among our list of partners are global brands like: Cirque du Soleil, The Empire State Building, The London Eye, Broadway, Eiffel Tower and many more.

WePlann’s main target are FIT´s (Foreign Independent Travelers) that book before they travel, mainly from Latin America, Spain and Brazil.

Our users are able to buy in their own language and currency. Currently WePlann prices in Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Reais, Argentine Pesos, Mexican Pesos, Colombian Pesos and Chilean Pesos.

More information about WePlann »

Benefits of working with WePlann:

  • No setup fee.
  • No work for your staff to upload content to
  • WePlann’s professional and international team will assure your experiences have attractive product pages.
  • Descriptions, blogs posts and social media communications are prepared in the clients’ language by native speakers.
  • You will have a dedicated account manager to facilitate your relationship with WePlann.

How does WePlann work?

Clients book on with their credit card
Clients receive WePlann e-tickets.
Only in the cases where a reservation is required, WePlann sends our partners a reservation request via email.
Payments to partners are made at the end of each month via bank transfer.

Requirements to become a partner:

  1. Have high quality, safe and reliable experiences.
  2. Provide at least two high resolution pictures.
  3. Provide at least one original high resolution video in a 16:9 ratio. If available, .mov format is preferred.
  4. Provide answers to the WePlann Questionnaire
  5. Maintain adequate insurance in accordance with generally accepted industry standards necessary in performing the services.
  6. Agree to a reasonable commission rate. WePlann’s standard commision rates range from 20% to 25% for each valid transaction.
  7. Execute a contract defining the terms and conditions.

Once the above requirements have been met, our team of professionals will work to create attractive product pages.

Before going live with your activity, a screenshot and a sample e-ticket voucher will be sent for your approval.

To partner with WePlann please fill the following and we will reply in the next 48 business hours:

All fields marked * are required.

“Tudo muito lindo e prefeito atendimento da Weplann”
Brazil Brazil, 19/02/2019
“Lugares excelentes, peça increível! Foi uma experiência miuto boa!”
Brazil Brazil, 06/02/2019
“A experiência de assistir um jogo da NBA
ao vivo transcende o esporte,
é realmente um show de entretenimento!”
Brazil Brazil, 21/01/2019

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